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Hydraulic Cut off the wall is an integral part of the Hydra crane. They are a kind of diaphragm wall which try to serve as a kind of structural seal to prevent the flow of the water from crossing a certain level. This is one of the essential kinds of the facility which should be a part of hydel construction projects. Cut-off walls are usually installed in every kind of hydraulic structure to withstand and withhold the amount of pressure and piping phenomenon. 

This particular wall has a tremendous amount of resistance to limit the maximum capacity of liquid and gas. It has got a safety valve installed in it. This valve helps to identify and mark the safe limits and inclinations. They try to prevent accidents and mishaps that happen with different dams and other hydraulic structures. The cut-off wall is designed to monitor the flow of liquid and gases under the surface and raise the alarm when the safety valve is infringed. 

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