Automatic Safe Load Indicator for Crawler Crane

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Automatic Safe Load Indicator for Crawler Crane

An automatic safe load indicator is a kind of device installed within the machinery of a crawler crane. This device includes a microprocessor that can monitor the functioning of the crane and avoid any types of accidents and the damages associated with the same. These processors help to measure the angle and the extension of the weight which the crane lifts during the process of the ongoing operation. They also try to give an accurate reading concerning the weight of the load which the crane is lifting.
This reading is also accompanied by automatic alarms, which ring to caution the operator to reduce the weight as soon as possible. It is backed with the algorithms of the manufacturer’s safety charts and hence can recollect the data which has been a part of this processing unit. This data plays a pivotal role in reminding the crane that lifting the data beyond a specifically given capacity is likely to be dangerous.
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